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BigCommerce Integration

Retail Sync does not believe in lengthy transitions

We make it easy for building an Omnichannel end to end flow between BigCommerce and your POS


Multi Store Support

Linking Online to Offline, Location to Location offering the Customer a true Omnichannel experience


Using BigCommerce as the Product Master Platform,  all the details  (SKU, Barcode, Description, Price, Cost etc) are transferred to make a single version of truth, simplicity of entry and ensure consistency of information across the Estate


Variant options pushed from the BigCommerce to the POS, working on a dynamic flow that ensures the marriage of the Title in Offline to Online on the Variant Option


Multiple Images delivered from the BigCommerce environment , pushed to the POS to mirror those in the Online to ensure consistency of Branding.


Orders pushed from the Online to the Offline, routed to the Location(s) for Fulfilment either by Customer request or by the best Quantity Available to ensure Customer Satisfaction


When the Order Status is updated for Collection, Shipment or Completion, the Customer is notified of the Status change

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